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September Dividend Portfolio Update

september-dividendportfolio-updateHappy October everyone! September is usually one of the biggest months for dividend payouts being the end of the quarter and there was no shortage for me. Stocks are still generally headed in the downward direction which just means better buying opportunities to me!

I ended the month being down $350.01 or 1.04%. This brings my yearly gain to $2,942.19 or 9.67%. My original goal was for a 7% gain which I later revised to 10%, so I’m right on the edge! If we do get a large market correction I’ll be able to reduce my average entry price for most of my stocks and hopefully get a larger gain next year.









I sold my 8 shares of MCD this month for a loss. It was originally going to be a swing trade but that was a failed effort. But I did buy 10 shares of HCP. This buy and sell basically replaced each other as far as yearly income goes.


Dividend Increases:

VZ increased dividend from  $0.565 to $0.5775. This was a 2.2% increase.

O increased dividend from $0.2015 to $0.202. This was a .248% increase.

MSFT increased dividend from $0.36 to $0.39. This was an 8.3% increase.


I received $144.73 in dividends this month! This brings my yearly total to $605.72! This month killed my yearly goal of $100/month and is now my best month to date!


My annual dividends actually decreased this month by $0.77. This is due to the fact that I sold my shares of MCD. I have roughly $1,600 of uninvested cash in my portfolio that I’ve been used to day trade. I’m also trying to build up a decent cash balance in my portfolio just in the event of a large market correction. With the $1,600 of uninvested cash I’m at an average yield of 3.86%. This could increase my annual dividend by roughly $60 and would bring my yield back up to about 4%.

Next month I will hit my goal of $1,200 annual dividends so long as I choose to invest some money rather than save it as cash. All in all it was a pretty decent month, I’m pretty excited about the amount of dividends I received.


How did your portfolio do in September?







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  1. Doing good you will blow by the 100 mark in no time keep it up

  2. Very well done,keep doing what you are doing right.

  3. How do you pick which stocks to invest in, is it by personal interest or what makes money?

  4. Good job! I’ll share my Stats.

    September compared to August – Down 1.7%
    YTD – Up 12.3%

    September Monthly Dividend – $ 416.10
    2016 YTD Dividend – $3,755.46

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