The end of this week marks my first full month of consistently trading. I’m actually surprised that I made as much as I did. My short term goal was to make an average of $3.25 per day which would be an extra $65 per month. I was able to make much more than that my first month.

I definitely think I’m making progress and getting better at trading. I’ve now had two weeks in a row with a 100% success rate. My original strategy, that I’ve now modified a little bit definitely seems to be working out for me. Again, I’d like to emphasize I’m currently only trading with about 5% of my portfolio and I’m only aiming to make a little bit of extra money. As time progresses I would like to increase the amount of money that I trade with and my earnings goals will increase as well. I still have a long term goal of making around $100 per day, but I realize that is still a long way away.


I managed to make an extra $23.05 trading this week! Not quite as good as my previous week but still far above my goal of $3.25 per day. I’ve continued to trade HCP as I have been quite a bit lately. It’s helpful for me to trade the same stock rather than jump between stocks. It’s much easier for me to monitor one stock and how it behaves rather than a handful of different stocks. I trade while I’m at work so I don’t really have the time to be on top of multiple stocks anyways. 100% success rate though, my strategy is working!



I’ve made noticeable progress since my first two weeks of trading. I had one really bad trade my second week of trading that really set me back. But my past two weeks have been great. If I could maintain a $35/week average that would be awesome. I’m still having fun trading and it’s nice to be able to make some extra money!

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