Is Amazon Mechanical Turk worth it? What is Amazon Mechanical Turk? Is it a scam?

Yes. Easy Money. And No.

Let me explain.


What Is Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Well let’s start with the basics. Amazon Mechanical Turk is a marketplace for work that requires human intelligence. It is a place where “Requesters” and “Workers” can go to post “tasks” or to complete tasks. These tasks are also known as “HITs”. HIT stands for Human Intelligence Task. It is a job that will be paid upon satisfactory completion. A Requester is someone who posts these HITs and pays when they are completed. A Worker is someone who completes HITs and is paid for each one they complete.

What Kind Of Tasks Will I Be Completing?

All sorts of strange and seemingly pointless tasks! Some HITs that I’ve seen range from transcribing audio clips to copying information shopping receipts to labeling pictures and of course taking surveys. The beauty of these tasks is they are all for the most part brainless. They are super easy to complete with very little thought and attention paid.

This is an example of an HIT that I’ve completed quite a few times. You just simply answer the question that it asks and make sure you vary your responses if it asks similar questions multiple times. This a very, very easy HIT to complete over and over again and it seems like it’s always available.
I also complete a lot of surveys. Surveys generally pay more than regular HITs and give you a rough estimate of how long they will take to complete. I’ve noticed that it’s extremely easy to complete the surveys much faster than the estimated time. Most surveys that I take range anywhere from 1 minute to 15 minutes.

There’s a Reddit thread called HITsWorthTurkingFor that I always check when I begin “Turking.” Turking is just a phrase people use that basically means completing HITs. There’s always good HITs on here if you manage to catch them while they’re still up. I’ve found plenty of good HITs on here and especially good surveys. I definitely recommend using this site if you plan on turking.

There’s also a site called Turk Alert where you’re able to receive email alerts whenever your favorite requesters post new HITs. This is extremely handy because most of the good HITs go very quickly so you need to be on top of it. This has been useful for me.


Is Amazon Mechanical Turk Worth It?

By this point you’re probably wondering how much these tasks pay. Well they vary quite a bit. Anywhere from $0.01 per HIT all the way up to $35+ for certain transcription tasks. Unless you’re a master at transcription or have very good software these tasks probably won’t ever be worth doing. They’re extremely long recordings and I can’t even imagine how long it would take me to actually complete one correctly. The surveys I complete usually range anywhere from $0.15 up to $1.50 per survey. The longer the survey usually the more it pays but that isn’t always the case. That’s why finding good requesters and taking advantage of the good HITs while they’re around is important for efficiency. Most of the non-survey HITs that I complete range from $0.03 up to $0.15 per HIT. And if I’m doing these non-survey type of HITs I look for ones that I can complete back to back to back in rapid succession.

This is my earnings to date using Mechanical Turk. I just started turking this July though and I started a week in. I’ve also only spent 13 days of this month turking. So for 13 days of maybe an hour to two hours max a day (while watching tv and doing other things) I made $51 extra dollars this month. My goals is to make roughly $3 per day turking or $100 a month. I’m content with my $50 for July and will start turking again come August. I believe $100 a month with an hour-ish committed per day is very doable. There’s people out there that turk full time and make over $3,000 per month. I could never dedicate that much time or effort to it because I would go crazy, but to each their own!


Is Amazon Mechanical Turk A Scam?

Absolutely not. I made 51 dollars this month with no problems. I have a 98.4% approved rate with almost 700 HITs submitted. A few of my HITs got declined but they were all my fault anyway. I think it’s completely fair and it’s definitely not a scam in any way whatsoever. It’s real work from home money. This is a very easy way to supplement your income with very minimal effort. Even if you use it to make an extra 25 dollars a month to pay for your gym membership that’s something! I highly recommend signing up for it and giving it a shot. You really have nothing to lose and very easy money to gain! Happy turking!


Who else uses Amazon Mechanical Turk to make a few extra bucks?

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