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How This Blog Started Paying For Itself In Just 3 Months


I’ve recently decided that I’m going to start doing a blog update every month. I think tracking my blogs progress will not only help it grow but I think it may answer some of my readers questions as well. I will be tracking my monthly views, social media following growth, subscriber growth and last but not least income generated. After all, this is a personal finance blog! About halfway through my second month this blog started paying for itself, so that’s pretty awesome! August was my third full month of blogging.

I use Bluehost as a webhost provider to run this blog. I highly recommend using Bluehost if you plan to start a blog or website. You can read my full Bluehost review here.

I pay about $5 per month for webhosting with Bluehost and this is currently the only expense that I have with this blog. So $5 is the number to beat, for now!


Monthly Views:

This blog had 6,094 views in August! Up from just 2,071 in July, not bad for the blogs third month! I’ve had quite the setback starting September and I would be extremely shocked to see my views for September come anywhere near 6,000.


Social Media Growth:

This one is a work in progress. I didn’t track my growth last month but I recorded everything starting September 1st so I can track growth from here on out. Here are my starting numbers.


Facebook Page Likes: 284

Facebook Friends: 1,250

Pinterest Followers: 3,600

Instagram Followers: 7,000

Twitter Followers: 2,100


Here are all the links to my social media pages if you’d like to follow me! Facebook Page, Facebook Profile, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter.


I use Tailwind to schedule my pins on Pinterest and I’ve never made a better decision for my blog. Tailwind allows me to schedule hundreds of pins in a short amount of time. I can spend an hour scheduling pins for the entire month, it has saved me a ton of time. I can schedule pins at times of the day when I would normally be sleeping or busy and these are some of the busiest times for Pinterest. Tailwind also has an awesome analytic system that shows which pins are working and which times are the most active. I’ve seen my Pinterest followers shoot up dramatically as well as my website traffic from Pinterest. I can’t say enough good things about Tailwind. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to grow their website traffic through Pinterest.


Subscriber Growth:

I started August with 16 subscribers. I finished August with 78 subscribers! I’m extremely happy with this growth. To me this means that I’m providing value to my readers, that’s the goal! If you want to subscribe you can here.


Income Generated:

In July I made $2.32 from my Google Adsense ads. In August I made $20.40 from my ads! That alone is enough to pay for 4 months of this blog! I also made $7.60 from affiliate links in August. That’s a total of $28 in August with a profit of $23! For my third month of blogging, I’ll definitely take it! In another couple months I should have the blog paid for the whole year, pretty awesome!

I look forward to continued growth next month! I’ll have my social media growth documented next month. I’ve come to realize that growing a blog is a slow process, but great things take time right?


Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you sign up via one of my links I may receive a small commission, thanks for your support!







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  1. Keep up the good work, my friend

  2. Great numbers!! Thanks for sharing. Keeping track of things is a must for any blogger who is looking to get a profit.

  3. Nice work! Thanks for keep tracking your blog and social media performance and share your results and the progress. I believe your blog will attract more readers in the future!

  4. Great info. I love reading helpful blogging posts!

  5. Wow, beautiful portal. Thnx ..

  6. I always love to read this stories when the first income comes in through the blog. How amazing is that feeling? Even if its a little. But that’s a start! Keep up the great work and you will grow fast! I remember when I got my first gig in – 50USD. But I celebrated like I closed a 5K deal 😀
    It is important to celebrate all your achievements. Does not matter how big or how small it is. Keep it up.

    • Thanks for the words of encouragement Veronika! And you’re so right, it’s an amazing feeling, it makes me feel like all the work I put into this blog is helping people and it is starting to show it value! 🙂

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