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Dividend Portfolio Update: January 2017


The first month of a quarter is usually pretty light for dividends and this month was no exception. My financial situation is still far from normal. I’m still out of work for roughly another 6 weeks so my income is much lower than I’m used to. I was also supposed to close on my house in January but I still haven’t. Everything got slowed down initially from me being on disability, luckily I have an accident insurance policy and that coupled with my disability income is enough to afford the mortgage. So now I’m just waiting on the seller to get all the title work to their attorney so we can schedule the closing, which they were supposed to have done last week. It doesn’t look good for this week either. I’m hoping to close next week but I think worst case scenario will be two weeks from now. There’s no rush to close, but it basically has all my finances on hold.

Dividend Increases: 3 Increases

EPR Properties increased their dividend from $0.32 to $0.34. This was a 6.25% increase.  This increase will earn me an extra $7.44 annually.

Realty Income increased their dividend from $0.203 to $0.211. This was a 3.94% increase. This increase will earn me an extra $0.86 annually.

Cincinnati Financial increased their dividend from $0.48 to $0.50. This was a 4.16% increase. This increase will earn me an extra $0.08 annually.

 Combined, these three increases will earn me an extra $8.38 annually or $0.698 monthly with nothing more invested.


These are all the companies that paid me dividends in January amounting to $35.53.


Starting the new year I’m going to include a year over year comparison in my dividend updates, like the one above. Last year was the first year I really started investing and I didn’t receive any dividends in January last year. So from $0.00 last January to $35.53 this January is a 3553% increase year over year. This year over year percentage is obviously inflated due to $0.00 last January but seeing a $35.53 increase is encouraging. I hope to see similar gains in the coming months as well.



My portfolio has basically remained unchanged since last month. I’m now 6 contributions behind totaling $2,640. The reason I’m not contributing to my portfolio currently is 1.) I’m still waiting to close on my house and don’t want to spend extra money until I do. and 2.) I’m making much less money while on disability. My plan after I move into my house and get back into a fairly normal routine is to begin making my bi-weekly contributions again and start playing catch up.

After the down payment and the closing costs for my house (I’m putting 20% down) I won’t have a ton left in the bank for my emergency fund. Things will be going rather slowly for me until I’m back at work but I still feel confident that I will be able to make up all my missed contributions. I’m excited to see what February and especially March bring!

How did your portfolio perform in January?

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  1. 35 dollars is awesome and a step in the right direction. Keep it up.

  2. Keep this going! Hopefully you can continue to move on up, year on year and make your money work for you. All the best.

  3. Thanks for the clear layout of how much you’ve invested and how much the dividends pay. It’s very helpful to see a realistic portfolio.

  4. It’s funny how growth really causes the sun to rise and set on a portfolio. This looks good, and your annual dividend amount is a pretty hefty amount! Congratulations!

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