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Dividend Portfolio Update: April 2017


This was a pretty low month for dividends, but I still saw a significant increase year over year. Things are almost completely back to normal for me now. I’m back at work and finally starting to catch up. I bought a truck last month and have yet to sell my car, so when that happens I should be in pretty good shape again.

Dividend Increases: 2 Increases

Johnson & Johnson increased their dividend from $0.80 to $0.84. This was a 5.00% increase. This will earn me an extra $1.60 annually.

Air Prod Chem. increased their dividend from $0.86 to $0.95. This was a 10.46% increase. This will earn me an extra $3.96 annually.

Together these two increases will earn me an extra $5.56/annually or $0.46/monthly with no extra money invested.



These are all the companies that paid me dividends in April amounting to $45.33.


My dividends year over year in April increased from $28.25 to $45.33. This was a 60.46% increase year over year!


I’ve been planning a portfolio rearrange for awhile now and I decided to make the changes this month. I’ve sold almost half of my old stocks and invested in new companies. This isn’t my investing style at all, but I did a thorough analysis of my entire portfolio and I wasn’t happy with how it was looking. I shifted my entire portfolio much more towards dividend growth rather than current yield. During this change I lost about $100 in annual dividends. This was a sacrifice I was willing to take because I know the growth I will see going forward will make up for the small difference today.

I was behind 10 contributions last month and now I’m behind 11 contributions, totaling $4,840. Buying the truck last month kind of tapped me out and I wasn’t able to contribute from one of my paychecks last month. I should be able to make up one contribution next month and bring it back down to $4,400 behind. I’m hoping that my car will sell next month so that I can use some of that money to catch up some. I also have some side jobs coming up this month so I’m hoping I can catch up even further.

I also have a big rental property investment in the works. I don’t want to get into too much detail until it’s closer to fruition, so stay tuned for that!

Rental Property: $650

I received $650 in rent for April.


How did your portfolio perform in April?



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  1. That graph is very telling. You can see it increasing year over year which is what we like to see.

  2. Nice read! I am just getting started in dividend investing, so this blog is something that I can seriously relate to. I currently just hold about $1,150 in UPS and that’s it.

  3. Thanks for this update! I love dividend investing too 🙂 You’ve laid it out so simply, it’s easy to understand what you’re doing and why. Great stuff

  4. Good results. I too have slow months and good months. Just add stocks which pay dividends in these slow months…
    I like your comparisons of year over year dividends. I might do the same though. I could see my dividends going up yer over year too, so it is slowly picking up and swelling that rolling snowball every month…
    Are you reinvesting dividends via DRIP or leaving them in the account to accumulate and then select a stock to buy shares?

    • I’m not using a DRIP just selecting shares to purchase at prices that I find attractive. I wish all months were good ones but life doesn’t work that way!

  5. Nice update and congrats on revising your portfolio. Good to see you actively managing yourself.

    Keep it up!

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