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Dividend Portfolio: November Update


Here is my (extremely) late dividend update for November, it was a pretty hectic month for me. Surprisingly though, the market turned back around. I’ve been very inactive with the blog the past month and I apologize for that! As many of you know I’ve been actively searching for a multi-family house to purchase. I finally have an accepted offer on a 2 family house that I’m set to close on in January. I’m very excited for my first house as well as another stream of passive income! I haven’t been able to add to my dividend portfolio because I need money for the down payment so my portfolio hasn’t changed much this month.


Dividend Increases: 1 Increase

Hormel (HRL) increased it’s dividend from $0.145 to $0.17. This increase is over 17%! This increase equates to an extra $1.40 annually or $0.11/month with no extra money invested.



This was a good month for dividends, I received $103.66 in November. This brings my yearly total to $751.64.


My annual dividends have basically stayed the same this month due to no contributions. December probably won’t be much better if any. I have lots of expenses coming up in January when I close on my house so I need to have some cash laying around. Hopefully by February I’ll be back to a consistent contribution schedule. I’m keeping track of all the contributions that I’ve missed so that I can attempt to play catch up later on.

With the market still sitting right around record highs I’m not too worried about holding off on investing for now. Hopefully by the time I get all caught up I’ll have some better buying opportunities. My goal for buying a house was to be able to afford the down payment and closing costs and anything else I might need without having to take any money from my stocks. So far it looks like I’ll be able to achieve that goal and I’m pretty proud of that!


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  1. Awesome job. Now post Decembers lol

  2. Great Job. Im also working on my dividend-portfolio and made some 1.1k this year! Greetings from Germany 🙂

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