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Dividend Portfolio 8/1/16

Another month in the books! I don’t know about you guys, but for me it felt like July dragged on forever. Probably because it was brutally hot outside and work was a killer. I’m hoping it starts to cool down a little bit in August, the weather not the market! There was lots of ups and down for stocks this month but I finished the month being up 2.12%! Another solid month for my dividend portfolio. I made $664.77 in gains this month.

This month I initiated a fairly large position ( for me ) in Microsoft. I purchased 18 shares and I’m very happy with my entry point. I have been wanting to buy into Microsoft for awhile now but it seemed that every time I was ready to buy it was back up again. I plan to continue to add to Microsoft during it’s dips.


I also bought 8 shares of McDonald’s this month. This wasn’t a long term growth play for me. I bought after they dropped 4.5% after their earnings report. I’m down almost $4 per share at the moment. It’s safe to say I bought a little early. I bought as a quick trade to make a quick profit, I believe that it will come back up soon and I’ll sell when it does. I may have to hold on to it a little longer than I would have liked originally but that’s part of the game!

With the addition of Microsoft and McDonald’s to my portfolio I have increased my yearly dividends by $54.40! After July, I’m now up $3,783.39 (13.37%) for the year. I received $35.65 in dividends this month bringing my yearly total to $364.71. My average yield is sitting right at 4% exactly where I want it to be.


Here is the newest installment of my dividend portfolio:

How did July go for everyone else?









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  1. Great blog. I’m going to follow this.

  2. What brokerage do you use to buy stocks?

  3. Great results!

  4. Hi John,
    Congratulations on wisely embarking on a time tested method at a young age. I’ve been looking for a blog such as yours to follow now that Jason of Dividend Mantra is more or less gone.
    I see you have “O” realty income, have you considered other monthly payers like LAND, GOOD, and PSEC etc.? The larger question is : what is your process for deciding what to buy?

    A percentage of my holdings are in monthly payers, I like knowing a certain minimum income will be there every month. The bulk is still coming from quarterly dividends.

    • Hi Freddy,
      My blog is still extremely new so I’m very much on the learning side of blogging still, but I’m having lots of fun with it. I hope my blog can fill the void left by Dividend Mantra for you. I own shares of EPR, a REIT that pays monthly as well as O. I’ve owned GOOD back in the very beginning of my investing journey, though not documented anywhere on this site. Though I do understand the desire to have a set portion of income coming in on a monthly basis, it really isn’t something that I’m personally too concerned with. I’m more concerned with my annual number as I’m very disciplined when it comes to budgeting. Though you could argue that having the money sooner (monthly vs. quarterly) would give the money more opportunity to grow. Another interesting player in the monthly field is HCP. Great company, I will eventually own shares when the price comes down. When it comes to picking stocks, the most important things for me are future dividend growth potential as well as current dividend sustainability. Then it’s an in depth analysis of cash flow, including debt burdens, revenue, earnings growth, tax obligations, etc. I usually like to see a decent history of dividend payouts as well, though not a deal breaker.

  5. As a long term dividend investor myself, you will know what kind of long term dividend trader you are when your portfolio drops 30% or more… and trust me I have seen it happen a few times in my 30 years of trading.. That will be your test to know who you are… Its all easy and we are all very smart when the market just goes up…Good advise make sure you have money in your portfolio for when that happens so you can add… If not you will be sitting around hoping the market goes up without being able to take advantage of the real pullback…

    • Ve good insight, thanks Paul. I’m in it for the long haul. I’ll be a dividend investor when the markets at its peaks and when it’s at its lows. I just hope I have enough capital available to me to take full advantage of the pull backs!

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