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Dividend Portfolio 7/1/16

June was a pretty interesting month for me. I bought a new car so my expenses were higher than my income this month. When I say a new car I mean new to me. It’s actually a 2012 Chevrolet Impala. It’s 10 years newer than the vehicle I was driving before and it was definitely time for an upgrade. If nothing else I’ll save money on gas every month. I haven’t sold the vehicle I was driving before the Impala but I’m hoping I will in July so that will help offset some of the costs. June was also the first month that I’ve tracked all my expenses and income. I think allĀ  in all it was a good month for me despite buying the new car and everything going on with Brexit. Without further ado here is the latest update of my dividend portfolio.

(last updated 7/1/16)

In June I added some shares of General Mills and Apple to my portfolio. I’m currently down on my Apple shares but I think it will bounce back quite a bit. Amidst all the Brexit pandemonium I purchased 33 shares of General Electric at $30.17 a share so I’m up $1.32 per share on that and I think GE is going to go higher yet with removing their “too big to fail” label. From May to June I increased my yearly dividends by $58.24, which I’m very happy with.

I’m currently up $3,201.30 (12.12%) YTD which is almost double what I was up last month! I received $128.62 in dividends in June making this my best month yet. That brings my yearly dividends received to $329.06. My average yield is now right about 4.1% which is still above my 4% goal for now.


How was your June?


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  1. Hello

    I just wanted to ask you what is your strategy as far as what you use to buy your stocks. Most of my investments are in a roth ira and 401k for tax efficiency. I want to retire early, but rules within a roth ira and 401k are not tax efficient for early retirees age etc. when living off dividends. Are your stocks in a taxable account? Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Josh, all the stocks in my dividend portfolio are in a taxable account. I use Robinhood as my brokerage (free trades). I also have a Roth IRA (There is a post about my holdings on this site) and a 457(b) (basically a government 401k).

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