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Day Trading Log 9/26/16-9/30/16


This is my second week of day trading and I traded a lot more this week. 28 times to be exact. I’ve updated my strategy a bit during this week after losing $6.72 on my last GIS trade. I decided I’ll only trade stocks that meet all the criteria in my original strategy and also stocks that look like they’re in a position to rise. Whether it be for the day or for the week. As you can see in the log my first buy of DIS on Monday was at $91.54 and my last buy of DIS on Friday was at $93.05. I would’ve done better if I bought on Monday and held until Friday afternoon, but that’s no fun and the potential is greater with trading.

I’m buying in small dips and looking to make a $0.03 gain each trade, $0.51 each trade (with 17 shares), unless I see it rising further, or dipping down then I’ll adjust accordingly. Out of the 28 trades I made this week I only lost money on 3 of them. That’s roughly an 89% success rate. But, let’s not pretend that I didn’t lose 6 bucks on the GIS trade, I did. I’m still bitter about it haha. It was definitely a lapse in judgement on my part and with my revised strategy I’m hoping to avoid losses like this.



Last week I made $10.19 trading, much better than this week. I also traded less last week, only 8 times. But I don’t mind the extra trading, it’s still fun for me. I attribute the decrease to that GIS trade. I could’ve been somewhere around the $12 range. But it’s no use crying over spilled milk, I’ll make up for it next week!

Overall, I’m having fun trading. It’s a rush to me and it helps pass the day. Like I’ve stated before it certainly isn’t some get rich quick scheme for me, it’s just a little extra boost so long as I stay positive. I plan to continue to tweak my strategy as I gain experience and hopefully increase my gains as well. My average between the two weeks is $8.75. That would equate to an extra $455 in a year of trading, not great but not bad! I would still like to average $20 per week but all in due time.



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    Am curious what platform you’re using, and what you’re being charged per trade?

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