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Dividend Portfolio Update: June 2017

Any month that I receive over $100 in dividends is a pretty good month to me. I’m a little disappointed in the lack of year over year growth this month but it happens.

Dividend Increases: 2 Increases

Realty Income increased their dividend from $0.211 to $0.212. This was a 0.47% increase and will earn me an extra $0.47 annually.

Lowe’s increased their dividend from $0.35 to $0.41. This was a 17.14% increase and will earn me an extra $3.36 annually.

Together these two increases will earn me an extra $3.83/annually or $0.32/monthly with no extra money invested.



These are all the companies that paid me dividends in June amounting to $114.89.


My dividends year over year in June decreased from $128.62 to $114.89. This was a 10.67% decrease year over year. This was the first and hopefully the last month this year that I haven’t seen any year to year growth. This is mostly due to a portfolio restructuring that I did a few months ago. I replaced most of my higher yielding stocks with higher dividend growth stocks. It will be worth it in the long run.


I received a total of $920.90 from dividends in 2016. I’m currently at $575.93  this year which is 62.53% of 2016’s total. Not bad for only half of the year being over.


My total annual dividends increased from $1,239.80 to $1,293.19, while my average monthly dividends increased from $103.31 to $107.76. This was a 4.30% increase month to month!


I received $76.27 from dividends in my Roth IRA this month. This would actually bring my total dividends received up to $191.16 for the month of June.


June 2: Purchased 4 shares of UPS at $107.98 for a total of $431.92.

June 20: Purchased 5 shares of GPC at $91.60 for a total of $458.00.

June 30: Purchased 9 shares of O at $56.07 for a total of $504.63.


No sells this month.


Total: $1,320.00

Rental Property: $650

I received $650 for rent in May.

We’re still working on closing on the three rental properties and it should be sometime in July. We have an expected close date for the end of July but it could be sooner depending on the seller and his attorney. I got paid 3 times in June so I was able to contribute extra money this month which is always nice.

I’m still behind 11 contributions totaling $4,840 from when I was injured at the start of this year. I have money saved up again that I could use to start catching up but I’m not sure exactly how much we’re going to need to close on the houses so I’m holding off for now. It’s been a pretty wild year for my financial situation between buying and moving into my own house and now with these three properties. After we close on these houses I expect things to start to normalize again and I’ll be able to start playing catch up.

How was your June? What stocks did you purchase or milestones did you reach?




Net Worth Update: May 2017

Another positive month! Nothing major here but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

For those wondering, I use  Personal Capital to help track my net worth and I highly recommend giving it a shot (it’s completely free). You can link all your accounts and it does all the work for you. It also gives you access to a bunch of really cool tools, like the investment checkup tool.



My home value stayed the same at $100,000.

My truck value decreased from $6,700 to $6,591

My car value decreased from $5,400 to $0.00. (I sold it).

Total: -$5,509

Investment Accounts

My Robinhood account increased from $37,162 to $38,127 this month.

My Roth IRA decreased from $14,014 to $14,013.

My 457b increased from $4,679 to $5,083.

Total: +$1,368


My cash increased from $1,463 to $6,233.

(I managed to sell my car last month that’s where this large increase came from)

Total: +$4,770


My total assets increased from $169,418 to $170,047.



My mortgage decreased from $59,745 to $59,599. I managed to pay a little extra on my mortgage this month.

Total: -$146


My net worth heading into June is $110,448 up from $109,673 last month! This was a $773 increase or a 0.70% increase. Not a huge increase this month but I’ll take anything that’s headed in the right direction. I’m hoping for a good month in June!


I think it’s important to track my age and where I fall percentage wise in my age group as well. I’m currently 23 years old and my net worth puts me in the 96th percentile. Here’s the link that I use to calculate that as well.

This post may contain affiliate links.



Rental Property Update: May 2017

Back in February I purchased my first rental property. It is a two family that I owner occupy. It’s worked out great so far and it allows me to live at a much lower cost then if I were to have bought a single family. Obviously, I would be doing much better if I wasn’t occupying one of the units but I need somewhere to live.


As of May it now costs me an average of $186.40 to own this house. That’s really not bad all things considered. I could get $750-$800 for my apartment so if I didn’t live here I would be profiting somewhere between $563.60-$613.60 and then when the mortgage is paid off $854.39-$904.39 which is what I’m really looking forward to. An extra $850/month would be awesome.

May was the first month that I made an additional payment on my mortgage. Though it was only an additional $60.78, if I continued to make that same extra payment for the life of the mortgage it would reduce my 30 year loan to 21 years. I would like to pay it down even faster than that but money is pretty tight right now and I’m working on another house deal. My father and I are partnering on a deal for 3 properties with a total of 7 units. Our estimated close date is July 28th, but it could be sooner depending how fast the seller and his attorney want to work. I will include those three properties in this post when the deal comes to fruition.


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