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Net Worth Update: August 2017 +$3,147

This was a pretty solid month for my net worth. I’ve said before that any month that this number moves in a positive direction can be considered a good month to me. Ideally, I would like to see growth of 2.5%+ per month.

For those wondering, I use  Personal Capital to help track my net worth and I highly recommend giving it a shot (it’s completely free). You can link all your accounts and it does all the work for you. It also gives you access to a bunch of really cool tools, like the investment checkup tool.


My home value stayed the same at $100,000.

My truck value actually increased from $6,762 to $7,295. +533

The only reason I can come up with for my trucks value increase is because it is getting closer to the winter months and people will be looking for four wheel drive vehicles.

Total: +$533

Investment Accounts

Robinhood account increased from $40,429 to $41,618. +$1,189

Roth IRA decreased from $14,428 to $14,329. –$99

457b increased from $6,006 to $6,541. +$535

NYS retirement account increased from $3,507 to $3,595. +$88

Total: +$1,713


My cash increased from $6,616 to $7,731.

Total: +$1,115


Total assets increased from $177,748 to $180,749. +$3,001


My mortgage decreased from $59,296 to $59,150.

Total: -$146

My net worth heading into July is $121,599 up from $118,452 last month! This was a $3,147 increase or a 2.66% increase. Not a bad month!

Brightpeak Financial has a pretty cool (and free) 7 day $500 savings challenge, where they will send you tips and advice, if you’re interested in that click here!

net worth month to month

My year over year net worth increased by 94.17%! That is, $62,626 last August to $121,599 this August. I can only hope to see this kind of growth by this time next year.

I recently found all my old net worth data dating back to January 2016. As you can see by the chart, I was spotty in recording it. I’ve found that tracking my net worth motivates me even further to increase it. So, I will continue to do so and track the results. Again, I encourage everyone to track their net worth and Personal Capital is a great tool to help you do so.


I think it’s important to track my age and where I fall percentage wise in my age group as well. I just turned 24 years old and my net worth puts me in the 96th percentile. Also, here’s the link that I use to calculate that.

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Rental Property Update: August 2017

This was a pretty solid month for my owner occupied rental property.  We’re still being patient waiting to close on the three properties we’re in contract for. For those who are reading for the first time, my father and I are partnering on three rental properties. Two 2 family homes and 1 3 family home. We were originally supposed to close sometime towards the end of July.

As of August, it now costs me an average of $273.07 to own/live in this rental property. It’s becoming a regular thing that I pay an additional $60.78 on the principal. Without the additional payment I would’ve been able to own/live here for just over $200, not bad at all. It definitely beats the $850ish it would cost me if this were a single family home.

In August, it cost me $294.87 to owner occupy this house, a little bit higher than my monthly average, but down quite a bit from July’s $338.76. I would like the average to be below $300, so this month was right where I would like it to be.

I had no miscellaneous expenses this month and not a single repair to do. It doesn’t get any better than that! There are things that I want to do, but they’re just that, wants. It’s nice not NEEDING to do anything.

For those of you who want to invest in real estate but can’t afford a down payment or don’t want to worry about fixing things when they break RealtyShares may be a good option for you. It is an online investing platform that allows you to invest in commercial and residential properties with a much smaller investment than would be required to purchase real estate out right.

The utility bill was the highest it’s ever been this month. As I talked about last month, I’m sure it’s from the two window air conditioner units upstairs. We’re very good about turning lights off and not wasting electricity down here. I’m anticipating (hoping) that September will start the trend downward as it will start getting colder and the need for A/C will diminish. The average utility bill up to this point is at $122.28, which isn’t terrible I guess.

I did get a quote to get the electric split this month. Very expensive. Somewhere in the ball park of $6,000. For those of you who have been following along, we STILL have not closed on the three rental properties. We did meet with our lawyer at the end of August and he assured us that we should close by the end of September. Everything is (and has been) done on our side, we’re just waiting for the sellers attorney to get everything on their side finished. Soon enough this post will include 4 properties and not just my owner occupied, I promise it’ll be more interesting then haha.






Dividend Portfolio Update: August 2017

Another month with huge year over year growth for my dividend portfolio. This year has seen huge growth for my portfolio. I hope to continue to see this kind of growth going forward.

For those wondering how I make free trades and pay no commissions, I use Robinhood for my dividend portfolio. If you want to sign up, use my link and we’ll both receive a free stock valued up to $150.

List Of Dividends Paid By Each Company

These are all the companies that paid me dividends in August amounting to $144.24.

Monthly Dividends Received From Roth IRA

I received $5.70 from dividends in my Roth IRA this month. I only receive large amounts of dividends at the end of the quarter in my Roth so this was a typical $5+/- month. Next month should be pretty good!

Monthly Dividends Received 2016 vs. 2017

My dividends year over year in August increased from $96.28 to $144.24. This was a 49.8% increase year over year. Another huge year over year gain for my dividend portfolio! For 2017, my average monthly year over year increase is now at 112.08%, pretty awesome! I would love to continue to see growth like this finishing out 2017.


Total Yearly Dividends 2016 vs. 2017

I received a total of $920.90 from dividends in 2016. I’m currently at $791.74  this year which is 85.97% of 2016’s total. I think next month my 2017 total will surpass 2016’s total and the following three months will be icing on the cake!

Dividend Portfolio Chart

My total annual dividends increased this month from $1,329.95 to $1,368.91, while my average monthly dividends increased from $110.83 to $114.07. This was a 2.92% increase month to month! For 2017, my average month to month increase is at $1.06%, my portfolio overhaul had a large impact on this number, it would be around 2.28% excluding April.


August 2: Purchased 3 shares of GE at $25.48 for a total of $76.44.

August 11: Purchased 6 shares of MO at $64.51 for a total of $387.06.

August 16: Purchased 2 shares of KO at $46.26 for a total of $92.52.

August 23: Purchased 6 shares of LOW at $72.36 for a total of $434.16.


No sells this month.


Total: $880.00

Dividend Increases: 2 Increases

Dover increased their dividend from $0.44 to $0.47. This was a 6.81% increase and will earn me an extra $2.04 annually or $0.17 monthly.

Altria increased their dividend from $0.61 to $0.66. This was a 8.19% increase and will earn me an extra $5.40 annually or $0.45 monthly.

Together these increases will earn me an extra $7.44 annually or $0.62 monthly with no additional money invested.

Organic Monthly Dividend Increases Chart

This chart shows my average monthly increases from organic dividend growth ( growth from companies increasing their dividend rather than growth from additional capital invested ). My average monthly organic increase for the year is now at $0.48. A goal of mine is to get my portfolio to the point to where my organic growth matches my growth from additional capital invested and then eventually surpasses it. For 2017, my average monthly growth from additional capital invested is at $0.73. This number is much, much lower than it should regularly be. My portfolio overhaul affected this number as well. Excluding April this number would be about $2.50, so that is my goal for organic growth as of now.

Rental Property: $650

I received $650 for rent in August.

We’re still waiting to close on the three rental properties we’re in contract for. It should happen by the end of September.

I’m still behind 11 contributions to my dividend portfolio totaling $4,840 from when I was injured at the start of this year. I have money saved up again that I could use to start catching up but I’m not sure exactly how much we’re going to need to close on the houses so I’m holding off for now. It’s been a pretty wild year for my financial situation between buying and moving into my own house and now with these three properties. After we close on these houses I expect things to start to normalize again and I’ll be able to start playing catch up. I still haven’t contributed anything to my Roth IRA for the year yet so I’m trying to figure out where that $5,500 is going to come from as well.

Leave a comment and let me know how August went for you! I look forward to hearing from all of you every month!






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