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Hi there! My name is John, I’m currently 23, and my goal is to “retire” as early as possible. I currently work as a ‘Motor Equipment Operator’ full time and as a ‘Realtor’ part time. When I say retire I really mean achieve financial independence. To me, financial independence means that I don’t have to worry about making money, or go to work for 40 hours a week ever again if I choose not to. This doesn’t mean that I need to be a billionaire. I just want to have enough passive income to cover all my expenses and then some, of course. Freedom is the ultimate motivator for me. Being free from a consistent 40 hour a week job opens up endless possibilities. My immediate goal after achieving this state of financial independence is to travel as much as possible. I plan to do this mainly (but not limited to) from dividend income. I plan to keep you updated with my progress and take you with me on my journey and hopefully help some others along the way!

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  1. Hi John,

    I am building out my website and like your website layout. Do you mind sharing your source?


    Nam Nguyen

  2. Hi John,

    How did you learn about investing in the stock market?

    I find it kind of confusing when I listen to audio books on topic. I even tried reading a book geared towards teenagers on the stock market, but still felt unclear on topic.

    • Hi Cynthia,
      I think I would say that I’ve learned the most just from searching stuff on the internet! Also from books as well. The TV network CNBC is also a good resource. Just getting my feet wet and jumping into to buying and selling stocks also helped me learn a lot about it too! Shoot me a message in the contact page if you have any specific questions 🙂

    • Cynthia, Google some dividend stock articles to get some stock ideas, then track what sounds interesting to you. Maybe use,,, or whatever site(s) you like best for the research. After awhile you’ll get familiar with the stocks & investing terms. I always determine what price I’m willing to pay (less than the current market price) and use limit orders. Once you’ve been following them awhile, re-read that book and I bet you’ll understand it a lot better.

  3. John, Excellent for only being 23! I wish I would have started earlier, but making progress now. I’m at $713/mo but I am retired.

  4. John congratulation and keep going. I’m planning my Change of life – in my 50’s, eventually I will be moving from the big city to Maui. I will set up a hut by Hana Road and sell some fruits to Tourists.

  5. Hello John

    What is the platform using for trading account.(eg Robinhood etc) and which trading account is good for students.


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