This was a great month as far as dividends, but not so great as far as growth goes. GE cut their dividend in half which halted all growth that my portfolio would have seen this month. My monthly dividends basically remained flat between the cut and my contributions as well as one dividend increase. This goes to show how important it is to be diversified. If I had more money invested in GE it would’ve hurt my portfolio much more.

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These are all the companies that paid me dividends in November amounting to $164.82.

I received $5.82 from dividends in my Roth IRA this month. This brings my yearly total to $226.00 and puts my monthly average for the year at $20.55. I still have one more big month for my Roth coming in December!

My dividends year over year in November increased from $102.66 to $164.82. This was a 60.55% increase year over year. For 2017, my average monthly year over year increase is now at 97.57% (excluding January’s 3,558%)!


I received a total of $920.90 from dividends in 2016. I’m currently at $1,368.29  this year which is 148.58% of 2016’s total. It’s pretty cool to know that I’ll have received over 50% more dividends in 2017 than in 2016.

My total annual dividends decreased this month from $1,478.67 to $1,478.25, while my average monthly dividends decreased from $123.22 to $123.19. This was a 0.02% decrease month to month. For 2017, my average month to month increase is now at 1.49%, my portfolio overhaul had a large impact on this number, it would be around 2.39% excluding April, so I expect to be closer to that number next year.

General Electric had a huge dividend cut this month which drastically affected my dividend growth this month. While it’s unfortunate, it’s the first cut I’ve encountered and it really didn’t do too much damage. As you can see, my monthly dividends basically remained flat (-$0.04). Obviously, I would much rather see some growth, but it’s really not so bad. I would like to get out of my position in GE at some point in the future but it seems to have bottomed out for now so I’m just holding for the time being. I expect next month to be much better.

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November 3: Purchased 5 shares of PEP at $110.34 for a total of $551.70.

November 17: Purchased 4 shares of UPS at $113.20 for a total of $452.80.

November 17: Purchased 1 share of KO at $45.90 for a total of $45.90.

November 29: Purchased 3 shares of MA at $146.37 for a total of $439.11.



No sells this month.


Total: $880.00

Dividend Increases/Decreases: 1 Increase/ 1 Decrease

Vectren increased their quarterly dividend payout from $0.42 to $0.45 per share. This was a 7.14% increase and will earn me an extra $3.48/annually or $0.29/monthly.

General Electric decreased their quarterly dividend payout from $0.24 to $0.12 per share. This was a 50% decrease and I will lose $34.08/annually or $2.84/monthly.

These two combined for a loss of $37.56/annually or $3.13/monthly.


This chart shows my average monthly increases from organic dividend growth (growth from companies increasing their dividend rather than growth from additional capital invested ). My average monthly organic increase for the year is now at $0.17 down from $0.50 last month. The decrease from GE really dropped this number down. A goal of mine is to get my portfolio to the point to where my organic growth matches my growth from additional capital invested and then eventually surpasses it. For 2017, my average monthly growth from additional capital invested is at $1.74. This number is much, much lower than it should regularly be. My portfolio overhaul affected this number as well. Excluding April this number would be about $2.50, so that is my goal for organic growth as of now.

Rental Property: $650

I received $650 for rent in November.

I’m still behind 11 contributions to my dividend portfolio totaling $4,840 from when I was injured at the start of this year. I also haven’t contributed anything to my Roth IRA for the year yet, so that’s another $5,500 that I need to come up with. We still haven’t closed on the three properties so I’m hesitant to tap into my savings until we do.

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Leave a comment and let me know how November went for you! I look forward to hearing from all of you every month!