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Day Trading Log Week 8: 11/7/16-11/11/16


I had my best week of trading to date this week! I played gold before/after the election and it seemed to work out well for me. I still only have about $500 to trade with as I’m still holding the extra shares of BUD. I figured I would try out a lower priced gold stock and see what happened, so far so good! This weeks profits of $57.76 brings my YTD profit to $188.44. My weekly average is now up to $23.55.

An overview of my current trading strategy:

  • I’m trading dividend stocks that I wouldn’t mind holding for the long term.
  • I’m currently only trading with a small portion of my portfolio less than or equal to 5%.
  • I make 99% of my trades while I’m at work so the time element is irrelevant to me.
  • I’m trading to gain experience and a small amount of extra money.
  • I’m using Robinhood to make all my trades, so I pay $0.00 in fees/commissions.

** I understand I will have to pay tax on these gains. This is my gross profit, come tax season I will show the net profit of all my trades. **

Here are my trades for the week:


I made out really well playing GORO the day before the election results. $32.00 is my single most profitable trade yet so I’m happy with that!


There’s still no denying that last week sucked but at least this week made up for it. Trading GORO goes completely against my original strategy to trade dividend stocks but I felt it was a good play this week. I may keep a small portion of money aside for what I deem “riskier” trading and then another small portion for “safer” trading. I would like to start averaging $50/week but trading with just $500 makes it tough, that’s a 10% return per week. I managed it this week but I think a 5% return per week is a more realistic number to shoot for.

Either way, I’m still profitable in my trades and enjoying it so I’ll continue to trade every week for the foreseeable future. I would like to trade for a year (52 weeks) consistently and analyze those numbers.

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October Cash Flow and Goals Update


Despite the market continuing its downward trend I had a pretty good month. My income exceeded my expenses by almost 4x this month! Although my income will begin to rise late November and through the New Year, I’m sure my expenses will rise as well. It’ll be snowing soon and that means overtime for me!


Financial Goals


Increase annual dividends to $1,200. ($1,260.03) (105%)

At the end of October my annual dividends were $1,260.03. I’ve now completed my goal for my dividend growth for 2016! I’m 5% further than I hoped to be when I originally created this goal and I still have some time left in the year! I’ll receive another 5 paychecks this year and hopefully some extra money along with some overtime coming up here shortly. I’d like to see this number reach at least $1,300! Here’s my October Dividend Update.


Increase Net Worth by 50% (38.83%)

 My net worth decreased by about 0.32% in October. My income couldn’t keep up with my losses from the market this month. I’m not too worried about it. 50% is still very attainable for me even if the market continues on a downward trend for the rest of the year.

Max Out Roth IRA For 2016 (100%) ($12,527.41)

I started my Roth IRA in October last year and made the maximum contribution of $5,500 for 2015 and 2016 in January 2016. I knew I wanted to max out 2015 while I still had time and I thought with the market being down it was a great time to max out 2016 as well. I’ve invested $11,000 into my Roth this year and it is currently up about 13.88% this year at $12,527.41. My Roth has dropped about 3% from last month. Here’s what I hold in my Roth IRA  if you’re curious! I’m trying to figure out a plan for maxing it out next year. I may see where this market goes and contribute the entire $5,500 at once again, or I may contribute $211 each paycheck. It’s cool to think that my Roth might have $20,000 in it sometime next year!


Save Another $15,000 In My Bank Account (+64.64)

Well I increased this number by about $300 in October bringing my total to $64.64 out of $15,000 with two months left. This one definitely isn’t going to happen. If I focused all my money towards this goal I think I could come surprisingly close, but that isn’t worth it to me. I have a couple year emergency fund built up for my current expenses and it really isn’t necessary to be any larger. I’m working on purchasing a multi-family home so I need money for a down payment and potential repairs so I would like to have a bit more for this and then an emergency fund after. This goal is more of a planning for the future type of goal rather than something that is immediately important.


Make $10,000 From Real Estate ($750)

I’m still at $750. I have some things in the works but we’ll see. It’snot looking very good for this one but I suspect I’ll be about half way there.


My 457(b) Plan ($1,792.12)

I started a 457(b) plan in July through my work. I’m contributing $200 pre-tax biweekly. I’ve invested $1,800 so far and it’s down 0.43% at $1,792.12. It’s remained pretty flat since I’ve started it and with the market being the way it has I guess I can’t really complain. I still don’t really have a set goal for this account but I would like to see at least a 5% gain next year, I’ll work on that goal later.


Cash Flow


Total Income:




I made $1,655 from my full-time job this month. This was just a regular old two paycheck month for me. This is pretty average as far as my full-time job goes.



I received $43.26 from dividends in October. Nothing crazy but a little extra doesn’t hurt!  Here’s my  October Dividend Portfolio Update.


Day Trading

I made an extra $111.84 day trading in October. This is a new category for me and I hope to continue to improve on this number. An extra $100/month isn’t bad either way though! Here’s my day trading logs.


Real Estate

Nothing this month.


Miscellaneous Income

Nothing in this category either.



My expenses were $468.60 this month. I expect my expenses to be considerably higher than this in the coming months with the holidays right around the corner. I would love to be able to keep my expenses here though.




I managed to save $1,341.50 this month! That’s a great month for me. I saved 74% of my income!

This marks the 6th month that I’ve gotten serious about tracking my income and expenses. My income has averaged to $2,631.37 over these past 6 months. My expenses have averaged to $1,888.51 over these past 6 months. Not bad, not great. I bought a different car in this time period and that really increased my expense total. It would’ve been closer to $1,000 per month without this major purchase. I’ m very curious to see what these figures look like after a year!


All in all, it turned out to be a pretty good month for me. I’ll just keep trudging forward and keep trying to do better each month!





Dividend Portfolio: October Update


October wasn’t the best month for my portfolio. The market is continuing it’s downward trend with the election and the fear of rate hikes still looming. I think the market will continue to drop and may even drop drastically after the election. I think there’s a lot of value to be found in the market currently but, maybe even more so in the next week or two. I was building my cash balance as of last month and it was totaling around $2,500. I was day trading with that money so that it would be readily available in the event of a large market correction so that I would be able to purchase discounted shares. That didn’t quite work out, but I’ll explain later on in this post.

Dividend Increases: 5 Increases

AT&T (T) increased their dividend from $0.48 to $0.49. This is a 2.08% increase, an extra $4.08 for me annually.

Vectren Corporation (VVC) increased their dividend from $0.40 to $0.42. This is a 5% increase, an extra $2.32 for me annually.

Emerson Electric (EMR) increased their dividend from $0.475 to $0.48. This is a 1.05% increase, an extra $0.40 for me annually.

Chevron (CVX) increased their dividend from $1.07 to $1.08. This is a 0.93% increase, an extra $0.76 for me annually.

Northwest Natural Gas increased their dividend from $0.4675 to $0.47. This is a 0.53% increase, an extra $0.01 for me annually.

HCP Inc. decreased their dividend from $0.575 to $0.37 due to the split. They gave us shareholders one share of QCP for each share of HCP that we own. QCP hasn’t paid a dividend yet.

My dividend increases this month will earn me an extra $7.57 annually or $0.63 monthly, with zero additional dollars invested.


This was kind of a “meh” month for dividends, I received $43.26 in October. This brings my yearly total to $648.98.


My annual dividends increased by $83.88 this month! I’ve now surpassed my yearly goal to bring my annual dividends to $1,200, or $100/month. Being at $1,260.03 annually, that gives me an average of $105 per month. To me, that’s awesome. I think an extra $105 a month in passive income is substantial especially considering my extremely low expenses (and age). It’ll be really interesting to see what happens in November as this will dictate if I’ll be investing my money or go back to trying to build a cash reserve.

Now, about my day trading. I had about $2,000 which later increased to $2,500 that I was trading with. I was doing pretty well, I was averaging about a 1% gain per week on that money. I explain my strategy in some of the day trading posts. But anyway, I got “stuck” holding BUD and it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to get rid of the shares anytime soon, depending what happens this month anyway. I don’t mind holding this stock so no big deal really, which plays into my strategy. Now I have about $570 in cash that I may trade a little bit with but I would really like to have this ready if we get a market correction.

Either way, I have faith in my portfolio as is and if I’m not able to get discounted shares right away I’m sure there will be plenty of value lying around. In the coming months I’m going to get much more detailed into my portfolio and really fine tune it. I’m also aggressively looking for a multi-family house to buy and I just submitted an offer on one last night so hopefully I have another form of passive income coming in here soon!

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