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Blog Income and Growth Report For September


September was my fourth full month of blogging and I think its making good progress. I don’t really know how far along a typical blog would be by this point but I’m still seeing growth so that’s fine with me! Facebook blocked me from posting in groups for two weeks and that caused a large loss of traffic for the month. A loss of traffic means less growth and less income. Overall, it was actually still a pretty decent month.


Blog Expenses: $15/month


I pay about $5 per month for webhosting with Bluehost.

I use Bluehost as a webhost provider to run this blog. I highly recommend using Bluehost if you plan to start a blog or website. You can read my full Bluehost review here.


I pay about $10 per month for Tailwind.

I use Tailwind to schedule my pins on Pinterest and I’ve never made a better decision for my blog. Tailwind allows me to schedule hundreds of pins in a short amount of time. I can spend an hour scheduling pins for the entire month, it has saved me a ton of time. I can schedule pins at times of the day when I would normally be sleeping or busy and these are some of the busiest times for Pinterest. Tailwind also has an awesome analytic system that shows which pins are working and which times are the most active. I’ve seen my Pinterest followers shoot up dramatically as well as my website traffic from Pinterest. I can’t say enough good things about Tailwind. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to grow their website traffic through Pinterest.

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Day Trading Log 10/3/16-10/7/16


This is now my third week of consistently day trading. I didn’t trade at all on Monday and still had my best week to date. I came up with some goals for my trading, I’m not sure that they’re immediately attainable but most of my goals are long term anyway. Here is my original strategy.

My original thought was to make an extra paycheck per year. Which is roughly $850 at the moment. There are 252 trading days in the year so that would be an average of $3.37 per day. This would essentially give me 27 paychecks per year rather than 26. Not a bad thought, but I can do better.

This week gave me hope. My long term goal for now is to make $100 per day. That would be $25,200 per year, before tax. But that would be awesome. I think it’s definitely doable. I’m only trading with 5% of my portfolio which is roughly $1,600. I can obviously make more money trading more shares. Continue reading

September Cash Flow and Goals Update


I had some large expenses this month so that brought me down a little bit but my net worth still managed to climb a little bit. Overall, not a bad month!


Financial Goals


Increase annual dividend to $1,200. ($1,176.14) (98%)

At the end of August my annual dividends were $1,176.14. I’m 98% of the way to achieving my goal! I have $1,600 of uninvested cash in my account that could provide enough of a boost to surpass my goal. I’m waiting for a market pull back to invest this money and I’m also using this cash to day trade. Here’s my September Dividend Update.


Increase Net Worth by 50% (39.29%)

 I increased my net worth by a little more than 1% this month. My expenses were higher than usual this month so I’m just happy to see that it moved in the right direction. I’m going to need to average roughly 3.5% per month to achieve my goal of a 50% increase by the end of the year.

Max Out Roth IRA For 2016 (100%) ($12,795.84)

I started my Roth IRA in October last year and made the maximum contribution of $5,500 for 2015 and 2016 in January 2016. I knew I wanted to max out 2015 while I still had time and I thought with the market being down it was a great time to max out 2016 as well. I’ve invested $11,000 into my Roth this year and it is currently up about 16.32% this year at $12,795.84. My Roth basically remained the same from last month. Here’s what I hold in my Roth IRA  if you’re curious!


Save Another $15,000 In My Bank Account (-$286.18)

I had some larger expenses this month that took a toll on this goal. I should make it back into the positive after next month but this goal isn’t going to happen unfortunately. Ya win some, ya lose some!


Make $10,000 From Real Estate ($750)

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