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August Goals and Cash Flow Update

August Goals and Cash Flow Update

Though August was a down month for my dividend portfolio as far as gains, it was still a good month for my goals. It was actually my best month yet for savings by far! This type of month will rarely ever happen for me but I’m happy it happened this month!


Financial Goals


Increase annual dividend to $1,200. ($1,176.91) (98%)

At the end of August my annual dividends were $1,176.91. I’m 98% of the way to achieving my goal! I should be able to achieve this goal by the end of next month. I should come very to close to $1,300 in annual dividends by the end of the year! This is one goal that I know I’m going to crush and I’m very excited about it! Here’s the August update of my Dividend Portfolio.


Increase Net Worth by 50% (38.13%)

 I made a slight accounting error last month while calculating my net worth and didn’t even catch it until now! My net worth has actually increased by 38.13% this year which rejuvenates my hope for achieving this goal. I’m confident that I will land extremely close to this goal if not surpass it!

Max Out Roth IRA For 2016 (100%) ($12,800)

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August Dividend Portfolio Update

August Dividend Portfolio Update

I can’t believe August is over already! And with it Summer is just about over as well. Temperatures are slowly starting to cool down and with having to be outside at work everyday, I’m definitely not complaining about that!

It looks like stocks are finally starting to drop some. This is the first time since I’ve started investing that I’ve been in the red for the month.  I ended up being down 1.53% and lost $507.90. Gotta take the good with the bad!


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